Marketing & Press

Marketing Services

Now that your project is complete, it’s time to get your book into the hands of readers! Determining how to engage your audience and successfully market your book is a difficult job. With new media platforms and continually changing strategies, there is so much to learn. On the Write Path Publishing has already spent years of time and effort researching the best ways to help authors succeed. Our marketing team will help you promote your work by providing you with the necessary materials to get your book noticed.

Marketing Copy

Our copy editors will create an attention-grabbing book description, back cover text, and professional author biography. Your book cover is the first thing a potential reader sees, and a well-written, professional and eye-catching cover is often enough for someone to try a new book.

We also provide you with five keywords to help optimize your book’s searchability and categorization. Optimization promotes your book on search engines and within book circles. Once you understand your potential readers’ age group and demographic, you can use the most efficient techniques for reaching your ideal audience.

Press Release

Our marketing professionals will compose a press release for you to send to various media outlets and for your use in all marketing and publicity efforts. With this, we build a list of media contacts from blog owners, journalists and editors at the local, regional and national level outlets for things like a book review, author interview or other media features.

Press Release Distribution

A targeted press release campaign is a very effective way to promote your book to the right media outlets. We have 780,000+ media contacts that we can choose from to reach your audience. Whether you choose to reach out to 100, 500 or 1000 outlets, we are here to get the word out.

When your book is published, a targeted press release campaign is not only a very powerful way to advance your book, it also increases your work’s visibility, and helps you work your way up as you begin to gain coverage. We take care of the entire process needed to start this campaign.

Media coverage is not guaranteed.

Author Website

Our design team will create a custom website for you and your published works. Your site will include an author biography section, a sales page for your book(s), a contact page, an editable blog and anything else you want to include.

A dedicated author website is ideal for your readers, reviewers, editors and producers to find out more about you. Your site should have your bio, links to your blog, social media, media coverage, reviews and any scheduled appearances.

The website must be well designed and use responsive web design to make it navigable on mobile devices. That’s why our design team will work with you every step of the way to create a custom website for you and your published works.