About Martin-McLean Literary Associates

We represent only the most professional projects for submission to our respected list of publishers.  They count on us to screen and polish proposals, and we can provide editing should it be necessary.

Hundreds of writers have found that Martin-McLean Literary Associates can match the right publisher to their works.  We tap an extensive field of publishers and other writing professionals, selecting from a number of variables for stability and promotional efforts.  It takes an exemplary effort to ensure this match.

We are technologically connected nationwide with contracts in the international market.  These agents review our manuscripts with an eye of demanding European taste.

Each manuscript is introduced to editors by telephone or in person, before the submission is made.  Once your work is sold, your contract is thoughtfully and carefully negotiated to meet your needs.

You can be assured that when your manuscript leaves Martin-McLean Literary Associates, it is in perfect form - with the crisp, clean copy and background information demanded by publishers.  We will enhance its presentation with a style to catch an editor's interest.

The genre of work represented by Martin-McLean Literary Associates includes: fiction, mysteries, true crime, literary fiction and non-fiction, biographies, history, memoirs, self-help and how-to, sports, animals, religious and new age.  Exceptionally well-written and illustrated children's works are accepted on a limited basis.  We do not handle writers outside the USA.

Requirements of Authors
First-time writers are welcome.  In order to represent you well, we will need to be well-acquainted with your work.  When requested by the writer, we will prepare a written evaluation and hire outside professionals for critique of the work and its marketability.  We analyze this information carefully, and work diligently to sell all the work we represent.  The charge for the evaluation is $250, but it is not required or necessary for us to review your work.

If you do not wish a detailed, written report, send your material as shown in the Preparation section with your return addressed envelope.

Writers will welcome the attentive detail given their manuscripts since publishing houses can no longer afford to provide the extensive editing services they once did.  They count on the agent to present work that is ready for publication.

Fiction: Should include a single-spaced one page synopsis, no dialog, your own brief bio as it relates to your writing career, and a comparative book list: Compare your book to several current best-sellers.  Send your entire manuscript with return postage.

Non-fiction: Send 50 pages of your work, your author's bio, a preface or introduction of no more than 6 pages, and a chapter summary.  Select your best 2-3 chapters, not necessarily in their order but always include the first chapter.

Children: - fiction or non-fiction
Determine the age range of your market.  Toddler's board books should be 8-12 pages; ages 3-8 want 24 or 32 pages exactly.  Ages 9-12 want chapter books of 48 to 100 pages with a few illustrations.  Young teens want 100-200 pages with no illustrations, few for non-fiction.  Young adults are 16-19 and generally they read adult fiction.

See Basic Tips On Preparation

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